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With a click on your phone, tablet or computer, know precisely how much water is in your cistern.  Set email reminders and alerts to trigger at any level required.


The entire Canadian made system has only 3 key maintenance free components.


Either as a new install or replacing an outdated and unreliable float alarm, The Water Window's reliability comes from its simplicity.  No more using make shift devices like sticks and strings to check your level.  

Cistern Level Monitor ~ The Water Window

  • Water Prediction and History

    • Tracks & graphs your water usage.  Accurate to within +/-1% ***, allowing the user to detect issues with their water system and track your fills to know how much water you received. 
    • Raw data can also be exported as a .csv file so data can be analyzed further if desired.


    • This industrial rated sensor is potable, safe, and maintenance free for the life of The Water Window.  There is absolutely no need to service or re-calibrate your sensor.  Once the system is installed you will never have to pull the sensor from your tank.

    Outdoor Rated

    • Built to last! The IP67 Sealed Unit never has to be opened to the outside environment.  The Water Window utilizes a magnetic switch and sealed LED light to reset and check status if needed.

    Security and Reliability

    • There's no outside internet connection required to get your level reading.  The units built in web server also means there's no data streamed outside of your home network**.  With no third party accounts or cloud services involved. Your meter will always work even when the internet* doesn't.
    • *A stable internet connection is required to send Alerts via email and SMS.  

      **The user has the option to send Alerts outside the home network via secure email.  This device does not stream any other information outside the home network which could potentially raise privacy concerns and leave the home network open for intrusion.

      ***Stated accuracy indicates the full scale accuracy of the hardware. User entered calibration factors, unit conversion factors, and the tank's dimensional non-linearities may significantly affect actual accuracy.

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