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An advanced portable photometer for the measurement of free and ultra high range total chlorine in water.

Designed to measure very high concentrations, 500 mg/L (ppm), of total chlorine in water, and free chlorine up to 5.00 mg/L (ppm).

Offers a superior optical system that utilizes a reference detector and narrow band interference filters for extremely fast and repeatable measurements.

The use of a backlit dot matrix LED allows the use of virtual keys which makes the operation of the meter very intuitive including selecting different methods, reviewing GLP data, recalling the last 50 measurements, and customizing the meter to user preferences.

This photometer is completely waterproof including the cuvette holder that is designed with ridges to protect the optical path from getting scratched by the cuvette and a gasketed battery compartment that holds three common AA batteries. The compact design fits comfortable in the hand for use in the field or on a table for benchtop use.

HI 97771C - Free & Ultra HR Total Chlorine Portable Photometer with Case

SKU: HI97771C
    • (1) CAL-Check standards kit
    • (2) Cuvettes
    • (2) Caps
    • (2) Plastic inserts for cuvettes
    • (1) Scissors
    • (1) Cuvette cleaning cloth
    • (3) 1.5V AA batteries
    • (1) Instruction manual
    • (1) Instrument quality certificate
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